Узнай то, что я не прячу, пойми то, что я пытаюсь скрыть..

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дневник на Ли.ру
I'm glad to see you in my LJ. Hope You like it and me too :)
Let's introduse myself: my full name is Ksenia, i'm 17 years old, tall, natural blonde, slim and with blue-grey eyes. My hobbies: photo, PS, songs, arts and design. As a matter of fact i love r'n'b, jazz, rock, pop, dance music. In arts i prefer classic and modern. What could i say more? And i'm very funny and happy one ^^ I like joks, funny stories and other interessting things. And yeah, i am an optimist. Also i'm responsible, honest, understanding: assuming good and nice people.
Let's see my fandoms list: Supernatural, Harry Potter, Rupert Grin, Ouran High School, anime, Heroes.
My favourite movie is Memoiral Of A Geisha.
Listen Nelly Furtado, Erreway, Timbaland, Fall Out Boy, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Fergie, Aguilera, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Кино, Агата Кристи etc.
Thank you & enjoy! ^____^
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